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For easy access, the eLearning courses are grouped into four major categories:

  1. Hospitality Management Courses
  2. Travel & Tourism Management
  3. Culinary Arts & Baking
  4. Communication Skills

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Under every category, courses are presented in a grid as above, click on the see more in order to enter the course.

Taking a Course 

At the moment all courses are available for free for GPDP members, you can simply take a course by clicking on the button " "Take This Course"

Course Description and Content

Once you are enrolled for a course, you will be presented with a progress bar, that dynamically updates as you make progress through the course.

This page also displays courses introduction as well and course content.

Course Content Area 

.This is what we can distraction free learning when access course content, all the distractions are taken away automatically, so you can completely focus on the course content you are wanting or reading.

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To go back to course home and access the normal portal navigation menus, click and your picture in the right top corner and click on course home.


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Purpose & Objective

e-Learning Courses

GPDP portal is readily hosting an abundance of e-Learning Courses to supplement your classroom studies:

  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Skills

  • Right Attitude and Mannerism

  • Employability Skills

  • Effective Use of Social Media

  • Working Vocabulary

  • Industry Insights


Some of the eLearning courses readily available on GPDP Porat:

How Can You Benefit from this Module?

  • This Module helps you to improve your employability skills while you are in your regular studies.

  • This will prepare you for employment by the time you finish your studies.

  • You can use Quizzes and Flash Cards to assess your industry knowledge and skills.

  • This will prepare you for your first job interview.

Important Caution

For every discipline of study, some of the courses are mandatory to take while others are optional.

The mandatory courses to be taken are listed in your GPDP handbook.

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