How to Benefit

Purpose & Objective

GIPP is to help you find the best positions in the industry in the Middle East and Internationally.
This module carries all that is required to kick-start a global hospitality career:

Online Resume Building
Video Resume Upload
Internships & Jobs Listing
Intercepts & Job Postings

Important Caution

This module is very vital for your successful career start. Below are the areas you will be judged on:

  • Quality of Profile Pictures   

  • Quality of Video Resume

  • Completeness of Overall Resume

For any assistance feel free to contact GPDP support staff at your respective campus.

How Can You Benefit from this Module?

You can build your online resume and continue to update as you progress in their career. Be aware that your resume will be viewable by the potential employer, hence take good care in building your profile. You career launch is based on this resume.

You can keep an eye on the latest opportunities. The job description and skills required in each opportunity will challenge you to measure if you are developing all the skills required through your studies to start your professional career.

You will upload your recorded 3 to 5 minutes Video Resume.

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